Crayon Wrappers Galore!

9/16/2015 UPDATE
I've had a lot of people asking for crayon labels recently, apparently someone made them on TV.  I designed these 7 years ago so don't have access to all my files anymore BUT do have three labels I uploaded to Google Drive for you to download.  Have fun!

Back to School Crayon Labels HERE

Halloween Crayon Labels HERE

Blank Crayon Labels HERE

I've heard from a bunch of you that Edible Crayons are a hit at your house! I've had requests for different labels, so here you go! These are super-duper easy, my 3 year old can make them (she just needs help cutting the labels). Email me if you ever want something different, I'd be happy to put them on here. Just click on the text to open/download the file. Recipe is here.
Christmas Crayon Labels

Happy Birthday Crayon Labels

Traditional Crayon Labels (these look like Crayola Crayons) from Jenn's blog:

Blank Crayon Labels

Back to School Crayon Labels

BYU Crayon Labels

Ohio State Crayon Labels

Steelers Crayon Labels

Cardinals Crayon Labels

Valentine Crayon Labels

Customize Your own (if you have MS Publisher):

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