Edible Chandelier

While Big C was at school today, Little C and I cleaned the kitchen light fixtures (Mom, are you still breathing?). I also thought it might be fun to start teaching her basic sewing, so we combined everything to make an edible Chandelier Sculpture! Big C couldn't believe her eyes when she saw this luscious after-school snack! This would be a fun rainy-day afternoon project, I'm sure we'll do it again with everyone.

Edible Chandelier
Light Fixture ;)
Ribbon, String, Coat Hangers, or Yarn
Dental Floss
Large Sewing Needles
Mini-Doughnuts or Doughnut Holes

Clean light fixture thoroughly. Tie ribbon, string, or place coat hangers on fixture to create a base for your creation!
Cut pieces of Dental Floss according to your desired length (ours were about 18 inches)
Using a Sterilized needle, thread several pieces of fruit on a dental floss string. Tie ends together.
Hang on your light (see video). Keep threading fruit (and doughnuts in our case:)) and hanging until you're creation is complete! NOTE: If using apples, dip them in a lemon juice/water mixture or pineapple juice before hanging. This will help keep them from turning brown too quickly.

Let the kiddos cut them down and enjoy!!
I can't wait until Daddy gets home and when he asks what they did, they'll reply, "Not much, just ate some grapes off the chandelier....". To be honest, I don't think he'll be surprised...:)

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