First Taste of Yoplait Fiber One

We have a fun Fourth of July treat to post tomorrow,
come back for some celebrating!
Last week I was lucky enough to try the new Fiber One Yogurt by Yoplait (it's hitting the shelves later this month) and YUM!!
I was already a fan of Fiber One Yogurt, but this time they've teamed up with HungryGirl, cut out 30 calories to give you a yogurt with 50 calories, 5 grams of fiber (that's 20% of what you need per day!), and zero fat. If you're a Weight Watchers fan, that's ZERO POINTS!

I knew I'd love it, but we had to have some taste tests. We tried it out on our toughest critics: Grandpa, my Brother-in-Law, and the kids.

Here's a video of the fun:

Here's the feedback:
Gourmet Grandpa: "It's good. It tastes more like a pudding than yogurt but it's great for a low calorie treat."

Gourmet Brother-in-Law: "mmmmmshmmmm.....food.....yum!"
Me: "What do you think?"
GBIL: "I'd eat it."

The Kids: You can see on the video. The DEVOURED it! And I don't want to sound gross, but it helped out my 2-year old who was having some diaper trouble. We're fans!!

I was told that I can get a link to a $1 off coupon when it hits the shelves,
I'll be sure to post it for everyone!

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