Bacteria Buddies

Little C's class went on a field trip this week to our city's Water Treatment Center.  Although we learned a lot of interesting things, all the kids seemed to talk about was the "Poop-Eating Bacteria" that they treat our water with.  They were fascinated! 
Soooo, for Friday snack this week we sent some "Bacteria Buddies" to school....
To make I simply took chocolate/vanilla swirled marshmallows, dipped them in melted yellow candy melts, rolled in crushed corn flakes, rolled in a variety of sprinkles with sunflower seeds (cleaning out the cupboard!) and added two edible eyeballs
Wilton sells candy eyeballs now if you don't want to make them!  Check your local Michael's or Hobby Lobby.

I also wrote a fun little poem to go along with them, you can click here to download/print it or on the image below.

I love how the sprinkles and sunflower seeds make them look "dirty", like they're cleaning up our water!  Gross but funny.  I'm sure they were a hit with the kids!


Peeps S'mores

Do you have a few of these around the house after Easter?
Our FAVORITE way to use leftover Peeps is to make quick s'mores using Nature Valley Granola Thins!  Check our our recipe on Tablespoon for complete instructions.


Bunny Tail Bag Toppers

For a quick Easter treat, it's always fun to put white cheddar puffs or marshmallows in baggies as a snack of "bunny tails".  In fact, we'll have a basket of them on hand at Easter dinner for the kiddos to snack on!
To make it super easy, we created this cute baggie topper for you to download/print.  Simply fill your snack bags, fold labels in half and attach to the top with double-sided tape. Enjoy!
Click Here or on image to download.

Holiday Playlist

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