Omlettes and Cookie Paint....?

So, I've been really watching what I eat lately. In the mornings, I often make an egg white omelette. Sooooo....what to do with all those egg yolks? (I can think of plenty of un-healthy-pound-cake-like things to do with them, but that would sabotage the first sentence). Anyway, I found a great solution! Egg yolks make FANTASTIC paints for sugar cookies!

For you:
Egg White Omelette with fresh veggies, basil, reduced-fat cheese....YUM!

For the kids:
Take any sugar cookie dough (your favorite recipe or store-bought)

Cut into desired shapes. For the little artists in your home, I recommend simply making a large rectangle "canvas" for them.

Put an egg yolk into small bowl (or use an old egg carton if it's empty, they work great). Drop in desired amount of food coloring and stir. Repeat to make as many colors as you want.

Let the kids paint away!

Bake the cookies as directed in your sugar cookie recipe.

They come out looking so cute and the kids love eating their artwork! You can add royal icing accents as desired, but we just enjoyed the colors. I'll post a pic when I download the camera.

NOTE: this would be a super fun and easy party for kids!

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