Favorite Kiddo Tips!

Feeding those Fabulous, Funny, Finicky Kids

We all know how picky kids can be. They’ll tell you that something is their favorite food one day only to announce the next week that they don’t like it and won’t eat it again. Here are some ways to bring the fun back into mealtime and to help everyone enjoy meals! Also, check out the comments section of my Bloggy Giveaway post for some great ideas from other moms!!

Things to Remember:
1) Don’t take it personally, everyone has picky kids
2) Have cut up veggies and fruits on hand for easy decorating and snacking (it’s healthy, too!)
3) Keep introducing new foods even if they don’t eat it the first (or 10th ) time. They’ll get used to having different foods and eventually will try them. Always place at least a bite or two of something new on their plate.

Ideas for Success!:
1) Give choices and let them play! You might like it, too!
a. sandwich mosaic—spread a piece of bread or tortilla with peanut butter or cream cheese. Have various fruits, cheeses, meats cut into small pieces and let them make a picture on their “canvas” with the food chunks.
b. cookie fondue
c. cheese cube sculptures (give them cheese cubes and pretzel sticks and let them use them as “tinker toys”)
d. go “fishing” with pretzel sticks, peanut butter, and goldfish crackers.

2) At least once a week, try something new. They’re more adventurous then you think!
a. Theme meals (round things, backwards, etc…)
b. Learn where it comes from & the people who eat it. http://www.peacecorps.gov/kids/like/index_food.html is a great website for this.
c. Let them help!

3) Make it look like something else
a. Investing in pastry cookie cutters is worth it (for garnishing)
b. Make a “meal scene”—boats on the ocean, etc…
c. Boat sandwiches, car sandwiches
d. Small amounts of ketchup or other sauces can be put in a baggie, snip the end, and draw on plates or food.

4) Call it another name.
a. draw a crown on a napkin and serve “princess soup” or let them wear a crown while eating it.
b. Make a menu with funny names

5) Have regular meal/snack times. It’s hard with a lot of kids but will cut down on your stress. If they don’t want to eat, no worries. Let them know they can eat at the next meal time.

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