Skinny Chicken Pot Pie

You're going to love this new Skinny Chicken Pot Pie! It's cold outside and we're all still craving comfort foods but I really wanted to cut the fat and calories on this dish. The results were delicious and my family loved it! Plus, it puts a smile on my face (for some reason the words "skinny chicken" just make me giggle). Click here for full recipe
This couldn't be easier to put together. Make your filling in a large saucepan then pour into a deep dish pie pan (or 11 x 17 baking pan) Now grab your secret weapon, a can of Grands Golden Layers Biscuits (around 100 calories per biscuit!).
Now lay them across the top of your pie. That's right, there's no bottom crust. Did you know that "pot pie" originally did not have a bottom crust? It was simply a flavorful stew cooked in a pot. They often layered dough or old bread in the bottom of the pot so the flavor of the stew wouldn't be ruined by the kettles. There's your random fact for the day!
Bake at 350 degrees for 18-22 minutes, until biscuits are done (make sure they are a nice golden brown or else the bottoms won't be cooked thoroughly).

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