Frogs on a Log

Big C was so proud of herself when she and her sister made these Frogs on a Log treats for her birthday party...

I realized that these would also be super cute for a "not-too-spooky" Halloween treat or a Letter F snack!

Frogs on a Log
Hostess Ho Ho's

Gummy Frogs
Brown Candy Melts (or chocolate chips)
Wax Paper

Unwrap Ho Hos and place on wax paper. Melt chocolate and drizzle lengthwise over Ho Ho's to give them a "wood texture". Place two gummy frogs on the top of each and let set completely, about 10 minutes.

Tips: after the girls drizzed the chocolate, I moved each Ho Ho a little bit on the wax paper so they didn't have big chocolate strings on the end. Or, you can just break them off after drying.

For the dessert stand, we simply bought a cross cut of wood at the craft store and Gourmet Dad cut a log for me. We used epoxy to glue them together and you have an instant rustic cake/dessert stand!

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