Frozen Errupting Valcano Desserts!

Hi Friends, I'm back and in the kitchen!
Gourmet Dad and I had wild, fun, romantic, crazy vacation in...Costa Rica! We went all around the country but stayed for a few days at the base of the Arenal Volcano and had fun watching it errupt at night. Anyway, while we were gone I left a special dessert for the girls to have...Erupting Volcanoes! These would also be a fabulous "V" treat for preschool!
Frozen Erupting Volcano Desserts
Ice Cream Cones (the pointy "sugar cones")
Chocolate Chips (or chocolate candy melts)
Ice Cream (any flavor)
Butterscotch or Caramel Ice Cream Topping
Red and Orange Candy Melts (or just use red licorice strings!!)
Red Food coloring

Optional Ingredients:
Candy Rocks
Flaked Coconut
Green Food Coloring

Place chocolate chips in a bowl and mirowave on high for 60 seconds. Stir well. The chocolate shouldn't be thoroughly melted, you want it a little chunky so it looks like rocks & dirt.:)
Spread melted chocolate on the outside of the ice cream cones...let the kids do this part, the messier the better! Place on wax paper to dry.
If you are using candy melts for the lava "explosions", melt a small amount in a bowl, place in a plastic baggie, snip the end, and draw a few squiggly lines on wax paper. Let set completely. If you're using licorice, simply seperate the licorice strings and snip to various lengths (or let everyone eat their own to various lengths:).

Put butterscotch ice cream topping in a bowl and tint with red food coloring to make your lava.

When cones are dry, fill with your favorite ice cream, just to the top of the cone. Place upside down on a plate and carefully cut off the top inch or so of the cone to resemble a volcano. Get your butterscotch "lava" and fill the top and drizzle some down the sides of the cone. Place candy melts (or licorice strings!) in the top to resemble and explosion.

Serve and enjoy!!

Optional: Put come coconut and green food coloring in a baggie, mix well to tint the coconut. Place around the base of your volcano to resemble grass along with a few candy rocks.
DISCLAIMER: Grandma and Grandpa reported that it took them 3 hours to settle the baby down after all that sugar, so I don't recommend this dessert right before bedtime. :)

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