Spooky Snake Pizza

Hi everyone, it's guest blogger Big C! Gourmet Mom is busy preparing for a crowd of company so I guess it's up to me to keep the kitchen rolling. I thought I'd share my idea for an easy Halloween dinner--I whipped it up after school yesterday in just a couple minutes!
Spooky Snake Pizza

4-6 plain bagels (depends on how many you are feeding)
Pizza sauce (I used leftover spaghetti sauce!)
Pizza toppings (I used pepperoni)
2 green olives, for eyes
red pepper piece (for toungue)
Cut bagels in half then place on baking sheet to resemble a twisty snake. Cut the last bagel in half again to resemble the snake's pointy head. (Eat the extra half for an after-school snack:)) Spread with pizza sauce, cheese, and desired toppings. Add two olive eyes and a red pepper tongue. Bake at 375 degrees for about 10 minutes. Watch it slither away at the dinner table!
Check out my quick tutorial!


3lilangels said...

That's a real cool pizza. Can't believe it's so simple to make! Thanks for the idea.

Darth Mama said...

I love it! I will try it!

3lilangels said...

Wow, there's a tutorial too. Your daughter is simply adorable.

kel said...

Ur blog is pretty cool and full of amazing ideas, I'll definitely try out ur "inventions" with my little girl.

Camie said...

Oh my gosh she's cute. Bertoli should pay you for that.

Mandy said...

3lilangels--no problem, we'll be making it often when I need Big C to pinch hit for dinner.;)

darth mama--thanks! Whenever I read your username it just makes me happy. :)

kel--thank you! I hope you do, I made this blog for that very reason; to give people ideas for fun with the kids in the kitchen! Hooray!

camie--ha! They'd probably be ticked that we used their sauce for pizza.

cupcakeninja said...

I just wanted to thank you SO much for posting this, and really, sharing so many fun recipes on your blog in general. I just made this over the weekend with my 3 yr old and it was such a hit! Even my husband was fighting my 3 yr old for pieces of the snake pizza. Thanks for making cooking so much fun and yummy!

Erin, Nick and Merrick said...

OMG.......soooo cute!!!!! Bookmarking to make for my kids!!

Toni said...

Ur blog is awesome and full of great ideas, I'll definitely try out your "inventions" with my children. My son is going to love your snake pizza!!!

hbrandt6 said...

Cadence you are a movie star.
*Love Maggie *
you did a wonderful job sometime you might have your own cooking show. Maggie's Grandma