Groundhog Pancakes

We had these little cuties this week--sorry I didn't do them earlier so you could have them for Groundhog Day. You'll have to bookmark them for next year (or whenever you feel the need to have rodents for breakfast:)).

Groundhog Pancakes
Pancake Batter
Doughnut Holes
Butterscotch Chips
Icing (any kind--for "glue")
Red & Brown Mini M&M's
Green Food Coloring (optional)
Peanut Butter (optional)

Tint pancake batter with green food coloring (if desired--we are just WISHING the ground was green right now). Make round pancakes, about 8".

Slice apples in half and remove core. Put 1 T. peanut butter in the middle of each apple (optional--just for extra protein). Put on plate with the cut side down.
Using a knife, carefully cut out a circle in the middle of your pancake. Place on top of the apple.
Place a doughnut hole in your "pancake hole". Using a little chocolate icing as "glue", add two butterscotch chips for ears. Snip a mini-marshmallow in half and add as eyes. Add brown mini M & M's with a dab of icing for the pupil. Add a red mini M&M for the nose and serve! (We also added a few icing flowers just to help Spring along a little:))

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