Mysterious Mustaches

Sometimes in Winter we get a little crazy...
I remember seeing an adorable Tootsie Roll Mustache video tutorial last Fall from Kellie over at Little Nummies. It's a great activity to beat those winter blues!
Little H was giggling so hard she could barely keep her mustache straight...
You can download the template I used here or the one Kellie used here...
Basically, all you do is melt Tootsie Rolls in the microwave, mash together, roll them out like dough, cut out mustaches and attach a sucker stick!
Check out Kellie's video for the whole process. I also wrapped our sucker sticks in black floral tape just for fun, it's definitely not necessary.
You can also let the kids go freestyle and make their own...check out this hairy beast! Yowza!
Doing this again, I might make them out of chocolate candy melts. It would also be super easy and they'd set up harder. But, either way you have a fun treat!