Valentine Mystery Dinner

How about turning this ordinary spaghetti night in to a crazy fun family Valentines dinner? "How?!", you say...

By using these menus to make a Valentine Mystery Dinner!
(Click on either image to download and print)

If you've never had a Mystery Dinner before, the names of all the menu items (utensils, too!) have been changed to silly Valentine-inspired names. Everyone gets a menu, writes what they want for each course, then they get served a mixed-up dinner. The kids loved it because one of my daughters got an Ice Cream sundae for her first course....however she didn't have a spoon to eat it with.:)
Here's what you need:
Puppy Love (Crush soda)
Cupid’s Arrow (toothpick or wooden skewer)
Love Trouble (jam)
Rising Love (roll or biscuit)
Melted Hearts (pasta sauce)
Angel’s Coiffure (cooked angel hair pasta)
Kissing and Hugging (spoon)
Girls Best Friend (Carrots...get it? "karats"...)
Persuader (fork)
Cold Shoulder (Ice Cream Sundae)
Heart Breaker (knife)
Snuggles (napkin)
Lots o’ Pick-up Lines (shredded cheese)
Mystery Dinner Menu
Gather all your dinner ingredients and keep on the counter, away from everyone's eyesight.
(Note: If you want to get fun with your rolls or biscuits, you can make them into simple heart shapes. I just took a can of Grands biscuits, cut a triangle out of the top of each one, then pinched the bottom to make a heart shape. Bake as directed.)
Place a menu, pencil, and plate for each person on the table. Have everyone fill out the menus, gather them up and serve the first course with everyone's requests written on them. After everyone has eaten for a few minutes, serve the next course and continue until everything has been served. Enjoy laughs together while everyone eats their mixed-up dinner!

(Note: once a person ordered a utensil or napkin, we let them keep if for the rest of the dinner.:))
More Valentine ideas to come! Hope you can all enjoy a fun family dinner this VDay!

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