Chick Pancakes

How about some "newly hatched" Chick Pancakes for Easter Breakfast?
They are so simple to make, the two secrets are to make sure that your pancake batter is nice and smooth (I like to make it in the blender), and you'll need three of these squeeze bottles...
Chicky Pancakes

Your favorite pancake batter
3 plastic squeeze bottles
orange and yellow food coloring
chocolate chips (for eyes)

Pour batter into squeeze bottles, about 3/4 full. Add a few drops orange food coloring to one bottle and a few drops yellow food coloring to another bottle. Shake both well.

Over medium heat (make sure that you only use medium or medium/low heat...it will keep the "egg" part of your chick white and still cook it), draw a cracked egg outline with white batter then add a half circle of yellow for the "head". Draw a triangle beak and feet. Let cook until just starting to bubble. When your outline starts to bubble, fill in with white and yellow batter...

When entire pancake starts to bubble, flip and cook on the reverse side (about 60-90 seconds).

Remove from pan and add two chocolate chips for eyes (my kids each wanted a little pile of chocolate chips on their plates to add their own eyes). Serve immediately.

We had fun playing with the extra batter and even made a few "easter eggs" to go along with the chicks. I hope you're having some fun family time this weekend! Happy Easter!

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