Push Pop Cakes

Ever since the Meringue Bake Shop created "Push Cakes", they've been taking the cupcake world by storm! I love this marriage of cupcakes and old-school push pops so we had to make our own... The hard part is finding the supplies, but I finally tracked some down! You can buy the little push pop containers wholesale here. Or, if you are just looking for a few, you can buy them here (more expensive but you can order fewer). I may or may not have just bought 200...which is a little excessive since I've been washing and re-using them. Update: a reader found them wholesale at Culinary Direct, it looks to be the cheapest if you want to buy 100. Thanks, Abby!These are SO EASY to make! Simply bake your favorite cupcake batter in mini muffin pans. Place one mini cupcake in each push pop tube... Top each with a swirl of your favorite icing. I used a Wilton 1M large star tip. Add some sprinkles... Top with another cupcake, another dallop of icing and more sprinkles. (note: the containers do come with lids but I left them off for the photo:)). The flavors we created in this batch were chocolate/chocolate fudge, mint chocolate chip and strawberry vanilla. My favorite was hands down the mint chocolate chip...yummy!

A huge thanks to Gourmet Dad for my fun new Push Pop Cake holder! We bought a 3-inch block of wood at the hardware store, drilled holes about 1/2" deep in it and spray painted it white. It looks so cute on the table, I'll be using it for all our parties and get-togethers this summer! Talk about a sweet centerpiece!

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