Last Minute VDay Gift

I needed a quick and inexpensive gift for a last minute Valentines Lunch party so I designed these cute printables that go into a 5 x 7 frame.  There are 4 different designs that go in a 5x7 frame (can get them at Dollar Tree). I attached a dry erase marker to the top w/ some hot glue and ribbon and wrote something I loved about that person on it. Then, they can erase it, write their own note and pass the love along to their students, family, etc..
Here's a link to the printable fileclick here or on any image below.  Happy Valentines Day!

We also whipped up some adorable Love Struck Arrows with a free baggie topper printable, check them out here on Tablespoon!


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NURUNNAHAR amily said...

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Happily Addicted said...

These are such great ideas! Wish I had seen it back on Valentines day! I might try something like this for Mother's day for my mom though...