Backwards, Crazy Dinner

We got a little silly yesterday....we've been talking about letter "B" so I decided to have a "backwards" dinner. You could do this for April Fools' or any time you need to have a little fun. I printed this little sign and the girls took it to the bathroom mirror to read. Then, we proceeded to have:
Meatloaf in Mugs:
(I baked them in a cupcake pan for about 30 minutes then put them in mugs. I was afraid the mugs would be too hot if I baked the meatloves in them. This worked great! My favorite meatloaf recipe is here.).
Ice Cream Cone Potatoes w/ Pea & Carrot Sprinkles:
(make your favorite mashed potatoes, put them in a ziploc baggie, snip the end and squirt into ice cream cones. Put a few cooked peas and carrots on the top for "sprinkles". I also put some peas and carrots in the bottom of the cone).
Peach & Honey Smoothies on a plate:
(I just threw some frozen peaches, vanilla protein powder, skim milk, and honey in the blender).

So, if you're feeling wild, have some fun with the family and have dinner a little Backwards! Happy Cooking!

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