Crazy Cool Sandwiches

We've never featured another blogger before, but I am in love with all of Kellie from Little Nummie's sandwich ideas! Here are a few of our favorites, but she had a ton on her site and adds to it regularly! Happy Sandwiching!:)
Cut corners off sandwich, tip up to resemble ears. Spread peanut butter (or cream cheese) on top of sandwich, top with popcorn, olive eyes, and a fruit snack tongue.

Use diagram below to see how to cut it out. Mane is shredded carrot and facial features are raisins.

Please Tell us about yourself: My name is Kellie Strickland and I am a stay at home mom of three beautiful little girls. They are 5, 4, and 2. They really keep me busy!! I am also a pastor's wife and in the beginning stages of planting a church in Boston, MA. YAY!! We will be moving there in July of '09 which we are ridiculously excited about!! Little Nummies has been somewhat of an experiment for me. I started the Little Nummies blog to share the photos of my creations instead of cluttering my own blog up with the pics. The response has been so exciting!!

Hedgie the Hedgehog:
Use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut a heart shape out of a sandwich. Break a handful of pretzel sticks in half and stick them into the back of the cut out shape (as shown). Use shorter sticks for the ones right behind the eyes. Take 3 regular chocolate chips and using peanut butter for the glue, glue them on for the eyes and nose.

Where do you get your inspiration?: I got tired of making my kids the same 'ole stuff for lunch everyday. I noticed that they ate more when they were eating creations. It all just kind of evolved from there. A lot of the food out there for kids is great, but most of the creative food were in cupcake or sugar form. I wanted to create fun new ways to make sandwiches, which is what the average mom makes for their kids on an everyday basis. I wanted to create a place where the food was fun, simple, basic, and with lots of substitution ideas so that you felt comfortable enough to get in the kitchen and start playing with your food!!

Mr. Hoot:
Make any sandwich you would like and then cut the sides off as shown. Take the pieces and flip them backwards to make them fit as shown. Cut a large marshmallow in half for the base of the eyes. Cut a raisin in half for the eyes, and another raisin for the beak.

Daily Blogs: I have my main blog kelliestrickland.wordpress.com which is really my outlet during the day. I have my daily loves which consist of my friends, and new blogland friends. I LOVE the creative, vintage, handmade, crafty blogs which give me lots of ideas for decorating and creating.

Cut a Jack O’Lantern face out of a slice of bread. I used a simple knife to cut out the shapes. Spread whatever you want on another slice of bread. I used Peanut Butter and Honey. Seemed irredescant and to sort of glow. Use what your child will eat though!! Next, stack the cut out piece of bread on top. How easy is that?!?
Tips: if sending them in a lunchbox for school, use a little peanut butter or cream cheese to adhere the decorations and embellishments.

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