Easy Homemade Butter

We have a ton of fun posts coming this week, sorry I've been busy with company.
Today the girls made their own butter in baby food jars! I love activities that show them how food is made and they LOVED eating their fresh butter wtih rolls for lunch. All you need is heavy cream, small jars or containers, and lot of shakin'! Cortini mentioned that they do this at Thanksgiving, what a great idea! You could give each child a jar and they can make the butter for dinner!:)
Fresh Butter
Baby food jars (or other small sealable container)
Heavy Cream
optional: fresh herbs, honey, or other flavoring
Fill baby food jar about 1/4 full of heavy cream.
Screw on lid tightly and shake!! It takes about half an hour, so let the kids run around with them outside, or shake them while watching a movie (or General Conference this weekend if you're Mormon. Ha!:)). Here's what it will look like when done.
At first, the cream will just coat the sides of the jar. Then, it will start to seperate into a watery substance and more solid cream. Keep shaking a few more minutes, and it will re-combine into creamy butter! You can add fresh herbs or even a little honey if you want some different flavors (add them after you've finished mixing the butter). Serve with fresh rolls or crackers. Yum!

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