Smoothies and a Free Vacation!

Just before we moved, I got a super-fun box in the mail--it had a bunch of Chiquita's new frozen Smoothie mixes and an Oster Fusion blender! What a surprise, not to mention I needed a new blender. Thank you!!
I must say that I was very skeptical about a frozen smoothie mix--I like my frozen drinks made fresh on the spot and wasn't sure how this would taste although Chiquita does make their mixes with real fruit. We whipped some up and it was SO GOOD--I couldn't believe how great it was. This is going to be a new freezer "must have" for me, especially in summer.
Well, we happened to be having a huge bake sale for charity the next morning, so I decided we needed to share and get some opinions. Besides, who doesn't love a free smoothie on a hot day? So, we whipped up a poster and the girls loved passing out drinks and talking to people. They also raised several hundred dollars for our local Family Homeless Shelter. Good job, Gourmet Girls!!
The free drinks were a hit, the overall favorite was Banana Colada (mine, too!). Out of the 80 or so people who tried it, only one person didn't like it that much.
So, I did a little more investigating about Chiquita Smothie Mixes and they have a super-fun website up (let your kids play the smoothie-making game, they'll love it!).

Guess what?! they're giving away a Family Vacation for four to Jamaica!
You can
register for free and they are also giving away weekly prizes: an Oster Fusion Reversing MotorBlender, and a one year supply of Chiquita Smoothies (p.s. winning the smoothie making game will get you extra entries!). Go there and have some summer fun--if one of you wins the vacation, please take me!!:)

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