Table Talk at General Mills

I just got home from Minnesota and an amazing trip to the General Mills headquaters for their Table Talk Event. Thank you so much to General Mills and Coyne PR. I have SO MUCH to share--I'll try to summarize as best as I can.

Here are a few of the amazing blogging ladies I met on our way to the hotel...
After we arrived, they took us on a cruise & dinner on beautiful Lake Minnetonka...
Early the next morning, we arrived at the General Mills Headquarters. This is Suzy, an amazing and inspirational woman I met. I loved her. She gave a fun overview of the company history and was a plethora of interesting facts (did you know that Cheerios are made one-by-one and are shot out of a puffer gun at over 500 miles per hour??!!)
We had a great conversation with Gary and Steve from Green Giant about some new products that are coming out (0 and 1 point Weight Watcher veggie servings and an amazing new Immunity Blend with cranberries!) as well as Sustainability issues.
Did you know that their veggies are frozen within 8 hours of being picked?
My VERY FAVORITE part of the day is when they opened the doors and let us get into the official Betty Crocker Test Kitchens.
I swear I heard angels singing,
it was like the Mother Ship calling me home...
We divided into groups and made some easy and fun mealtime solutions
I can't believe I cooked dinner in the Betty Crocker Test Kitchen! That's something I definitely will never forget.
We tried so many great products, I have never had someone try to feed me so much! Here are a few favorites:
Wan Chai Lo Mein Kits
(Great for an easy dinner!)
Old El Paso 60-second products
(the black beans were delish!)

And my personal favorite,
The new Yoplait frozen Smoothie mixes
(fruit and yogurt bits in a frozen bag, just add milk and blend. I LOVED these)

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