The Neely's & Taste of Sam's

I just had a great conference call with two other foodie bloggers with Pat & Gina Neely from Down Home With the Neely's, one of my favorite Food Network shows! They were delightful!
You can watch their Down Home With the Holidays ideas here.I asked them what are their "Go-To" recipes that people always ask for. Gina said it's her Collard Green & Artichoke Dip. Pat said it's his "Pat's Chili" recipe. Both are in their new cookbook--I just put it on my Christmas list!

They have been busy doing some work with Sam's Club and they talked how much Sam's helped them out in the early stages of their restaurants--they bought a cash register there with their earnings from their first day (Pat was using a shoebox!). This weekend, you can go into Sam's Club for a fun Food Tasting and Holiday Ideas event!
“The Taste of Sam’s” events are going on in Sam’s Club locations across the country this weekend, November 20 – 22 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
We went yesterday and had a great time!!
Miss C even suckered me into buying a birthday cake for her party this weekend--I have NEVER bought a birthday cake but it was so cute and only $11!! I figured it was cheaper than the time/ingredients it would take me to re-create it.
All members and guests can walk into a Sam’s Club to see demonstrations for how to prepare Boneless Spiral Ham, Frenched Rack of Lamb as well as hand dipped chocolate desserts. Associates will also be sharing recipe cards, and other samples and tips throughout the events, so it’s a good opportunity to learn more about Sam’s and get some ideas / inspiration for holiday meals.

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