Bad Kitty Lunch

We haven't featured a Book and a Snack for awhile, so Bad Kitty came by our house for a visit.

My girls looooove this book, it goes through the alphabet 4 times following the crazy antics of Bad Kitty. I have to admit that a few of them give me the chuckles, too. One of our favorite parts is when Bad Kitty Quarrels with the Neighbors by sending them mean notes. He stopped by to help me make the girls' lunches today. I love this because it's simple and quick but still lots of fun! It only takes an extra minute or two to turn a lunch you'd normally make into something special.

Bad Kitty Quesadillas
2 tortillas
shredded cheese
1 orange
fresh veggies
edible food pens (any kind, my favorite is Americolor)

Sprinkle cheese in-between two two tortillas and microwave until melted. Cut off edged to form a rectangle (save the pieces on the side for snacking). Write a "Bad Kitty" note on the top of the quesadilla. I've used 3 or 4 brands of food writers, Americolor is my favorite. You can buy a 4-color Betty Crocker set at many grocery stores for about $3 (in the baking aisle by the cake decorating stuff). Slice orange in half. Place one half on plate to prop up your "note". Slice other orange half in wedges and arrange on plate with some fresh veggies. Serve and enjoy the giggles! As a side note, after the girls had good naps and rest time, Bad Kitty left them a "nice note" on paper outside their doors ("Purr, purr, purr, purrr":)).

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