Cars Birthday Cake & Giveaway

We haven't featured one of our Birthday Cakes for Foster Kids in awhile, so how about this super-cute Cars cake that went out today for an adorable little guy turning 3?

My uber-talented friend Shalece made this cake! She heard about what we were doing and wanted to get in on the fun. Boy, did she do an amazing job! She has a "strawberry skateboarding" cake in the works and my family is working on a "kentucky derby winner" cake. We're having a blast! Drop me an email or contact your local agency if you are interested in starting this kind of project with your family. Speaking of Shalece, she also makes these adorable Fortune Cookie Kits and gave me two of them. They have a template, recipe, DVD, fortunes, and are so much fun to make! So, I want to share!This giveaway is now closed.

I LOVED reading all your "fortunes"! Some were funny, some were touching, all were wonderful! This has been my very favorite giveaway. Shalece agreed to send TWO winners fortune cookie kits, here they are! Congrats!

Staci who said...
"I'd love to just find one that says "you are loved." It's always nice to be reminded!"

AND The Sneaky Mommy who said...
"I just found your blog--WOW! Love all the cute things going on here!
Fortune: I have loved you with an everlasting love."

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