Penguin Snacks

Happy National Penguin Appreciation Day!
OK, it's not a well-known holiday but we have some major penguin fans at our house.
A couple years ago,
Qtpies7 shared the penguin snack that she saw on a Veggie Tales movie. So, we made some up for lunch!
A. Sunny suggested we call them "Linux Snacks". That got a giggle out of me, what a funny idea for an office party.:)

Do you know who was REALLY happy about this special day?......Little H!

In September, Little H found a penguin costume at a thrift store. She has worn it EVERY DAY since then. Seriously. She's worn it to the grocery store, to do community service projects...
and to her favorite place...the Zoo....so she can chat with her friends.
So, grab the ingredients and make yourself up a waddle of penguins. Yes, a waddle. Unless they're in a nesting group, that's a rookery. Or a group of penguin babies, that's a creche. Or, if it's a group on water, that's a raft. And, that's enough penguin trivia for the day. Have fun!

Penguin Snacks
1 can large olives
1 can colossal olives (or jumbo--just get two different size cans of olives)
1-2 large carrots
Cream cheese (flavored or plain)
Cut the carrot into 1/8" thick circles. Cut out a small "V" from each circle as shown blow. These will be your "feet" and "beak".
Take one of the colossal (or whatever yoru biggest olive is) and cut out a small piece lengthwise as shown below. Fill with cream cheese.
Cut a small slit in the smaller olive and insert the carrot "beak". Now, it's time to assemble! Put the carrot "feet" on the bottom, then the stuffed olive "body". Next, the smaller olive "head". Insert a toothpick through the entire snack to hold it together. (For some reason I ran out of toothpicks, so they got bento picks).
So, what did Little H think about this National Penguin Appreciation Day snack?.....
Love at first bite! Enjoy your day! Little H is having a penguin party for her birthday next month. We've been using the super-fun birthday section of BettyCrocker.com to help plan it. We can't wait to share all of the fun with you, it's going to be fabulous!

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