Mission: Fruits and Veggies

Do any of you feel like it's hard to get your kids to try new (or any!) fruits and vegetables? My older two are GREAT produce eaters but sometimes the youngest can be finicky. A few months ago I started buying a new or unusual fruit/veggie at least once a week to have

at our house. It's fun and a great way to have a mealtime conversation! You can download the Secret Mission Worksheet I made or just discuss the questions around the table. Enjoy!

(This week it was Cherimoya. I had to buy one after eating some fabulous cherimoya gelato in Vancouver--it wasn't as good as the gelato but still fun!)

Click on the photo below to download and print their Secret Agent Worksheet:

For toddlers (we have a 3 year-old): ask them the questions and give them a chance to answer. They can also draw a picture of the fruit on the page or any blank paper. You could also have some kind of "secret agent hat" and magnifying glass that they can use during their adventure.

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