Retro Jelly Bean Bracelets

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Retro Jelly Bean Bracelets!

I love retro ads, don't you? You can say anything, put it with a retro ad, and it's funny. For example, I saw this one recently...

Oh, that makes me laugh every time! Anyway, back to the jellybean bracelets...
I made up this cute template with a poem on the back. All you have to do is print on cardstock, cut it out, and you're ready to go! Click on the image to download the labels. In case you can't see it, the poem says:
"It’s springtime and we’re busy
hopping to and fro.
But now you can have a special treat
wherever you want to go.
Just slip this bracelet on your wrist,
it matches everything!
When you’re hungry take a bite,
and have a sweet-filled Spring!"

Retro JellyBean Bracelets
Jelly Beans (one bag makes about 16 bracelets)
Dental Floss
Clean sewing needle
Ribbon (any kind, for the bow on top)
Template, printed on cardstock (click here to download)
Sandwich baggies


Using a 12 inch piece of dental floss and clean sewing needle, thread on 15 or 16 regular sized jellybeans (this is a good size for a kids' bracelet. You can adjust for adults).
A note on threading: those jelly beans are sometimes hard to push through the needle! I found if you simply put the dull end of the needle on a cutting board (with the point going straight up) and gently push a jelly bean onto it, it was really easy. Just be sure not to stick your fingers.:)

Tie ends in a square knot, leaving a little bit extra room for the bow, if desired. Trim ends.
Tie a bow with your favorite ribbon (optional) Place bracelet in sandwich baggie. Fold label in half and secure to sandwich baggie with double sided tape or staples. Enjoy! For a little extra finish, you can punch a hole in the top to make it look more like a "real candy bag" (Big C's advice. Thank you, Big C!). Big C ready to share her fun new treat! Enjoy!

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