Quick St. Patty's Lunch

Need a quick and fun idea for St. Patricks Day lunch today?
The gourmet girls LOVE hard boiled eggs. So, I whipped up a batch this morning and am serving them for lunch with a plate of green crayons.
Let the kiddos draw all over their eggs--it seems "taboo" to draw on your food, so they'll love it!
Then, they can peel them and eat away.
Serve them up with baby cucumbers, green grapes, green milk, green pears, and of course lots of kisses!
For dinner, we're adding green food coloring to the water while we cook rice and some chicken. Easy! I'm also letting the girls use Grands biscuit dough to shape and bake shamrocks. What are you having (or did you have) for lunch or dinner today? I'd love to hear from you!
Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!

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