Apple Teacher Baskets

This year we made easy and cute baskets for the girls' teachers with my contact info and just a little blurb about our child (this is an especially great idea if you have a child with allergies, etc.!)
I was inspired by these adorable caramel apple boxes that I found on vacation! You can check your local cake/candy supply store, I also found some online here.
In the baskets, we placed a Bath & Body Works Apple Hand Sanitizer, a little pack of these SUPER CUTE (& free!) printable cards from Posh Pixels Studio, and a Caramel Apple.
I'm sure you've all made caramel apples before, so I won't insult your intelligence! I will say that I love Peters Caramel Loaf--it is SO GOOD for any candy and especially apples. After the apples are dipped in caramel and have set up on wax paper, we like to add...
(in our school colors, of course!)
You can entirely dip the apple in chocolate...
or just add some fancy drizzles...
All ready to be boxed up and sent off to school!
The girls loved this easy project (and so did I!).
I'd love to hear any back-to-school traditions you have! Are you ready/excited for school?

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