Celebration Sandwich

What reasons have you had to celebrate recently? A new job? Birthday? Anniversary? Just a great day?
At our house, we have a new Kindergartener!
So, I made her a special lunch to celebrate the first day of school...
This easy sandwich would also be so cute sent to school for a birthday lunch!
Celebration Sandwich "Cake"
6 slices bread
your favorite sandwich fillings
1 pretzel rod
1 yellow starburst candy
1/2 orange starburst candy
shredded carrots (or whatever you want to use for garnish)
Cups or circle cutters of various sizes
Make sandwiches. Find cups, lids, or cutters of 3 different circle sizes & cut out sandwiches.
Microwave one yellow and 1/2 orange starburst candies for about 7 seconds to soften. Place orange candy on top of yellow, smash together and form a "candle flame" shape. Push onto the top of a pretzel rod.
Stack sandwiches with the largest one on the bottom and press pretzel rod "candle" through the sandwiches (you can cut the pretzel if it's too long). Serve with shredded carrots or any other fresh fruits & veggies. CELEBRATE!!:) We don't like to be wasteful, so I served the extra sandwich "scraps" on a little plate on the side.
Congratulations, Big Girl! We are proud of you!

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