Food Adventure Passport

Hi Everyone! We're back from vacation and we have lots of fun coming your way this Fall!
The start of the school year is a time for new things so why not incorporate that into your family's mealtime?
How about a little Food Adventure?
I have something fun for your family to try! I made up some Food Adventure Passports that you can download and print here. Simply print the cover, add some plain paper, fold in half and staple.

As you try new foods, your kids can write about them, draw them, put in photos, write about the country it's from, whatever you want! It's also a great conversation-starter for dinnertime.
Looking for an idea for dinner tonight? Here's a video of me showing you how to make an Easy Cheesey Swiss Potato Pancake.
Be warned: there's yodeling involved....

This week on Real Women of Philadelphia, I'm hosting an International Side Dish Challenge. You can go here to join in on the fun and your recipe could win $500!

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