Shamrock Shake...shhh, it's healthy!!

Thanks to Shannon who shared this awesome green shake recipe (or "Shrek Shake") as she calls it. It's packed full of good stuff! The best part? Your kids will love it! Her blog is here. I made a batch for dinner this evening and the girls drank all of theirs and ours as before I even had all the food on the table. I added a splash of Splenda so it was super-sweet and they thought they were pulling a fast on on me.:) This will definitely be a staple in our diet.

So, serve up some frosty servings for St. Patricks Day and you're sure to be kissed in thanks! In fact, serve them up any day you need a quick, healthy snack.

Shamrock Shake/Shrek Shake

Ingredients: (wash hands first!)

*handful of ice cubes
*handful or two of fresh spinach (don’t see why you couldn’t use frozen, but fresh sure is pretty)
*handful of frozen peach slices or other yellow or green frozen fruit
*1-2 frozen bananas
*1-2 cups of pineapple juice
*1 apple, cubed (golden delicious is great, or granny smith)

Throw all ingredients in a blender and blend. Enjoy.

I tried adding some tofu for protein and it made a great, quick Breakfast.

Keep in mind
1) you can throw in whatever you want, but if you start mixing in red/dark fruits, the color gets muddled and less-appetizing-looking;
2) enjoy responsibly: 5 days in a row can cause problems in the poop/diaper department, especially if your kids aren’t used to quite that much fresh goodness.

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