Perfectly Pink Cupcakes

I've been inspired lately by a lot of things, good friends, good books, and life in general. These cupcakes are a tribute to two of the many wonderful things I've encountered lately: the people at "Hello, Cupcake!" and my Perky Purveyor of Everything Pink, Kristi.

I just got "Hello, Cupcake!" in the mail, I think this is a must have for anyone with kids. The cupcakes are easy and whimsical, perfect for entertaining the kids and they can all help! Karen is a magician in the kitchen and Alan's photos are just plain gorgeous. The butterflies on these cupcakes are inspired by their Monarch Butterfly cupcakes, which are amazing.

Kristi is a fabulous friend who recently sent me a whole box of ribbon in the mail! I made a bunch of hairbows to send with DH to Honduras (medical mission) and he said that they've been wonderful. I also love her blog and read it regularly.
So, here's to you fabulous people, and to everyone who has made my life bright lately! My girls had a fantastic time decorating these cupcakes and can't wait to have them after dinner!

Perfectly Pink Cupcakes
White cake mix (any kind)
Eggs (as directed on box)
Oil (as directed on box)
1 C. buttermilk
1/2 c. cherry pie filling
Buttercream icing (see recipe below)
Large Marshmallows
White chocolate chips
White candy melts
Pink candy melts (optional, you can tint the white with food coloring)
Pink edible glitter or sprinkles (optional)
Red food coloring

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Line cupake pans with liners. In a medium mixing bowl, mix cake mix, oil, buttermilk, eggs, and cherry pie filling. (If you want more pink color, add a drop or two of red food coloring). Fill cupcake liners 2/3 full and bake 12-18 minutes or until done. Cool completely.

For the butterflies, melt white candy melts and put in plastic baggie. Snip the end. On a piece of wax paper, draw pairs of wings and candy cane shapes (for antennae). Melt the pink candy melts (or tint the white with a little red food coloring). Put in plastic baggie, snip the end, and fill in the wings. Sprinkle with edible glitter or sprinkles. Let dry completely.

Place frosting in a gallon ziploc baggie and seal. Snip off a corner of the bag to pipe the icing. Take a large marshmallow and attach to the top of cupake with a dallop of frosting. Then, make circles around the cupcake with icing, starting at the base and working your way to the top. Decorate with chocoalte chips (put them "point downward" into the icing so they look like polka dots). Press a pair of butterfly wings into the side of the cupcake (you can pipe on a body also with white icing if you want) and add a pair of antennae. Watch these sweet butterflies fly off the plate!

NOTES: I used the template from Hello, Cupcake for the wings, but for I don't think I should post it. I made another one from a coloring page that you can download here. Basic Buttercram Icing from Wilton can be found here. Happy Cooking!

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