Gone Fishin' Snacks

Here's an idea for a quick, healthy after school snack: let the kids Go Fishing! I used Chiquita Peapod Bites but you could use pretzel rods, carrots, anything your imagination can dream up! For the dip, you could also substitute peanut butter or flavored cream cheese. Speaking of Chiquita, they have a fun new program, http://www.freshfunds.com/. You can collect wrappers and use the "points" on them to bid on items or donate them to the Susan G. Komen for the Cure or American Cancer Society. Great food, great causes! Gone Fishin' Snacks
Chiquita Peapod Bites
1 oz. cream cheese, softened
Goldfish Crackers, any variety

Give each child a pile of Peapod Bites and Goldfish crackers. Mix the ranch dip (included with Peapod Bites) with cream cheese and put on plate. Have the kids take a "fishing pole" (peapod bite), dip it in some "bait" (cream cheese mix) and "fish" for a cracker. One of my little chefs in training is giving her demo here:

For more snack ideas, you can see my winning entry in Chiquita's contest! Startcooking.com has the video they made of it up here. It's pretty cute, they did an amazing job!

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