More Sandwich Fun

During summer, we eat a lot of sandwiches for lunch! We're either running around outside and need something portable or I'm in the middle of a project and need something quick. Also, school is starting soon and I'm sure you'll be after some new sandwich ideas. Here are a few ideas to liven things up.

1) New Shapes. Simply use a large cookie cutter and cut out a shape from a prepared sandwich. Image from Family Fun.

2) Cheesey Face. Cut out a face shape on one slice of bread. Make a grilled cheese sandwich and add some tomato ears and chip "hair". I have no idea where this is from, I like to give credit to whoever came up with it, but I just found this pic in my files. If it's yours, please tell me! :)

3) Robot. Cut crusts off sandwich and cut into two rectangles. Add a banana smile, grape eyes, and cheese puff antennae.

4) Puzzlers. Make one sandwich on white bread and one on whole wheat bread. Cut a similar "puzzle" piece out of each sandwich. Swap the pieces and serve. (This one is great for school lunches!)
5) Cell phone Sandwiches. This one's from Denise. She's actually a soapmaker, but came up with these cuties!
6) Tic-Tac-Toe Melts from HomeBasics. To make the “board”, top a slice of lightly toasted bread with a slice of cheese. Then use thin strips of ham to divide the slice into nine squares. Decorate with playing pieces: “O’s” made from black olive rings and “X’s” made from small strips of red bell pepper. Broil until bubbly and serve.

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