Right now it's everything "doggie" at our house! The girls pretend to be doggies, bark their favorite songs, you name it. They would love a puppy, but that just isn't happening right now. So, we decided to celebrate their stuffed animal dogs' "birthdays" with some Pupcakes!

I also think you could make the white ones with coconut fur and use them as a "Book and a Snack" with Norbert Rosing's fabulous The World of the Polar Bear. The kids will love flipping through this huge book with amazing photos. They looked more like polar bear prints than dog's to me, anyway.:)Pupcakes
Your favorite cupcakes
Icing (I used buttercream, a can of coconut pecan icing, and chocolate buttercream)
Mini York Peppermint Patties (sold in bags in the candy aisle)
Jr. Mints Candies
Flaked Coconut (optional, if you need some "fur")

Frost cupcakes with your choice icing, depending on what color "paws" you want. I thought the can of coconut pecan icing looked great, almost like real fur! The coconut on the white icing reminded me of a polar bear.:)
Place one Mini York Peppermint Patty on the frosted cupcake and three Jr. Mints candies on top to look like a paw print. Woof!

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