Fairy Dust Sandwiches

Do you have 2 extra minutes today to turn an ordinary lunch into something magical? This brought out lots of smiles and giggles.....it seems that Tinkerbell came by and took a bite of the girls' PBJ's!

These would also be SO EASY and cute for a fairy birthday, disney birthday, or tea party!

You can download and print the poem/sandwich signs I made here. Simply print, cut out, and tape on a toothpick.
The poem says:
"I was flying by and needed a rest...
What did I see but the lunch I love best!
So I took a few nibbles then went on my way.
I left you some pixie dust, enjoy your day!"

Fairy Dust Sandwiches
Your favorite sandwich
Pink icing (we used Betty Crocker cherry icing)
Quart-sized ziploc freezer baggie
colored sugar (any kind, for pixie dust)

Print and cut out Tinkerbell poem then tape to a toothpick (one for each sandwich). Make sandwiches then carefully cut out a half circle shape from one side. Put icing in baggie and snip a small piece of one corner. Pipe out "footprints" across the plate and sandwich. Sprinkle with colored sugar and place toothpick in sandwich. Serve and watch the giggles fly!:)

Notes: Little C, always the investigator, wondered why Tink left footprints when she can fly......
While I was thinking about that one, Big C saved the day and said, "She only gets so much pixie dust every day so they walk whenever they can to save it!". Nice job, Big C!