Healthy Valentines Snack

I love Valentines Day but the kids seem to get candy everywhere! Here's what I made to encourage healthy snacking during this candy-crazed week.

These are great for a class party or just to have on hand for snacking. My girls loved the tiny hearts. It was a great chance to have a chat about loving our bodies and taking care of them with good foods. Peppers are expensive, so I used the leftover scraps for fajitas. yum!

Pepper Heart Snacks
Red and Yellow Bell Peppers
Light Ranch veggie dip
Small heart cutter (we used a pastry cutter)
Oven Mitt or glove

Cut off the top and bottom of pepper, remove center and unroll. Use small cutter to make heart shapes. If you're looking for a small heart cutter, Williams Sonoma used to make a great set of tiny pastry cutters. It's discontinued, but I found a similar one here.
Why the oven glove? After the first pepper, the heel of my hand hurt from pushing down. So, I put on on a oven glove and it worked like a charm! Save scraps for fajitas or pasta salad.
Serve on a tray with light ranch veggie dip. Enjoy!

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