Penguin Oreo Valentines

Need a cute Valentine idea?
I decided to do double duty by making these in advance for Little H's birthday party AND using them as Valentines for Little C's school class. Lazy? Maybe. Cute? Oh yes!
You can download and print the igloo valentine cards I made here--attach for serious cuteness.
Penguin Oreos
Chocolate sandwich cookies (I used double stuff oreos)
Dark Chocolate candy melts (found in craft stores or at Wal-Mart)
White candy melts
Orange Candy melts (or you can use pieces of gumdrops, starburst, or other orange candies)
Wax Paper
2 ziploc quart freezer bags
Igloo Valentine Cards

Melt dark chocolate in microwave at 30 second intervals, stirring after each. Dip oreos in dark chocolate and set on wax paper to harden (don't worry about making them perfect, I just held onto the edges, dipped them, then smoothed a little chocolate on the sides after setting them on the wax paper). When set, melt white chocolate and put in quart ziploc freezer baggie. Cut a small corner off the bag and draw rounded hearts on each cookie, seen below:
After the white chocolate has set (about 10 minutes), melt orange candy melts, put in ziploc baggie, and draw on beaks and feet. You could also use orange candies or gumdrops if you don't have access to orange candy melts. Simply snip them with clean scissors to your desired shape. Use a toothpick and a little more dark chocolate to dab on eyes (or you could use mini chocolate chips and set them in the white chocolate before it hardens).
Print the Igloo Valentines (they say "it's so 'cool' to be your friend! Happy Valentines Day!"). I set it up with two pages--print the first page then flip your paper and print on the other side. Fold at the top of the "igloo" and cut out. Be sure to leave some white space at the bottom to write people's names. Put one penguin in a baggie and attach card with ribbon.
I hope you enjoy--Happy Valentines Day!

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