Peter Rabbit's Garden Snack

Today we had fun and easy
Peter Rabbit's
Mixed-Up Garden Snacks

and the kids loved them! The cards I made up are
here for you to print.

In case you can't download the cards, they say:
"Peter Rabbit’s seeds got all mixed up this year and now he doesn’t know what has grown in his lovely garden! Will you help him eat his yummy treats and figure out what they are? Help Peter by digging in each hole, nibbling the food, and deciding what it is. Use your taste, smell, and sight to figure out this mystery! Good luck!"

Peter Rabbit's Mixed-Up Garden
-a cupcake pan or mini-mufifn tin
-various fruits & veggies, cut into bite sized pieces
-tissue paper
-Peter Rabbit's Mixed-Up Garden cards


Fill cupcake or mini-muffin tins with various fruits and veggies. Cover with a sheet of tissue paper and tape down to secure. Two layers of tissue works best (just fold a piece in half) so no one can peek!:)Print the Peter Rabbit's Mixed-Up Garden cards, fold in half, and place with the muffin tin. Let the kids "dig" and discover what yummy treats are in the "garden"!

At the end of this week I should be posting the details on how you can enter the Lip Smackin' Healthy Food Cookoff! We have some great prizes and I can't wait to get started!

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