Lotsa Dots Cake and fun news!

I've met so many cool women participating in the Real Women of Philadelphia contest, among them Christine Buckley, who happens to own the uber-tasty cake mix company Cake Chalet (have you seen their flavors? Chocolate Waffle Cone? YUM!). She offered to join in our Birthday Cakes for Foster Kids project and donate some of ther super tasty mixes. How cool! Here's a cake I finished with my friend Shalece last night--I wish we could be there to see her family's faces when they get it! There are lots of amazing women participating in Real Women of Philadelphia, come join us!
I am just so amazed how much fun we've had with these cakes! It started as a little local project to do with my girls (we are working with Olive Crest) and I've heard of so many of you doing the same thing in your hometowns! Think of how many foster kids are getting some special TLC! Bravo to you!
Now, I think regular fondant tastes terrible, so this creation is covered in Marshmallow Fondant. Recipe is here. Yummy! The finishing touch is a spray of luster dust that really made the cake sparkle. fun, fun, fun!

And now, some amazing news! Our Finger Lickin' Healthy Food Cookoff will be up on Monday and I'll be.....in L.A. with Jenny from Picky Palate at a food day with Bertolli and Rocco DiSpirito! I can't wait! Thank you, Jenny!

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