Purse Giveaway to CELEBRATE!

I had such an amazing time in Los Angeles with Jenny from Picky Palate on Bertolli's "Into the Heart of L.A. trip", I can't wait to get a few posts together to share with you. Also, don't forget to send me your grilling recipes for a chance to win a new grill!

In the meantime, I have great news & someting for you!
I just found out that I am a finalist in The Real Women of Philadelphia Cookoff! Savannah, here I come! I can't wait to meet Paula Deen!!
I really wanted to share my excitement with you, so I decided to give you something I bought in L.A....I couldn't resist this purse!
Isn't it adorable??! (Jenny bought a black one). So, to say thanks for being a part of our kitchen adventures, I'm giving it away to one of you!
The first person (who wasn't in L.A. with me!:)) to leave a comment with the correct answer(s) below will win the purse! Also, I had so many sweet emails about this necklace that I'll pick one random comment to win a baking charm necklace!
To Enter:
Leave a comment letting me know the names of these three people (pics below) I met in L.A.
First person with the correct answer wins the purse! On May 20, I'll pick one comment, any comment, to win the necklace. Purse giveaway open to U.S. Residents, necklace giveaway open to anyone worldwide!
Here are your clues:
Person #1: Famous chef, the star of our Bertolli Event
Person #2: Famous chef known for amazing vegan creations, has been on Oprah.
Person #3: Not a chef, but definitely famous! Her brother passed away last year.

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