Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

I've been wanting to try these for awhile, I saw them in my favorite cupcake book "Hello, Cupcake!" I whipped these up yesterday for a picnic, here's how they turned out:

Cupcakes, any flavor
white or yellow icing
various colors of Jelly Belly candies (I used Buttered Popcorn, Lemon, and Banana)
White and Black colored sugar (optional)
several yellow Starburst Candies
Corn on the cop picks (optional)

Frost two or three cupcakes together so they look like a giant corncob (use plenty of icing and make sure it's pretty thick to fill in the cracks). Place rows of Jelly Belly candies across the cupcakes to make the kernels. Sprinkle with white & black colored sugar for the "salt & pepper". Melt Starburst Candy for a few seconds until it is softened and place it on top as the "butter." Add corn picks on the side and serve 'em up!
Note: I didn't have any starburst candy on hand, so I used two yellow candy melts to make the "butter". One I cut into a square shape and the other I melted and spread out to make the melted part of the butter.

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