Cupcake Pops

Oh, how I love that Bakerella! I finally decided to give her cupcake pops a try for the 4th of July. They were super-fun to make! I was going to post the recipe, but I figured I'd send you to her blog, you can get it here. I used some heart-shaped red hots for the "cherries" and they turned out pretty cute for my first try!

As far as presentation, I recommend cheap plastic glasses (you can get them at the dollar store, 4 for $1). Some I filled with red/white/blue candy corn and patriotic tootsie rolls.

BUT, you know what I decided was even better and cheaper to put in the base of your glasses? Rice Krispy Treats! I put the hot rice krispy treats right in the glasses and put some sprinkles on top. A Double Treat!

Here they are in their glory. Thanks, Bakerella for the great recipe!:)

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