Cute Salad Rings

The Tinkerbell House tutorial is coming, I promise! I'm just trying to type it all up.
In the meantime, need something fun and easy for the kids to do to help with Thanksgiving Dinner (or any nice dinner)? How about fancy salad rings? This is a super cute and fancy way to present individual salads on a plate. We made these for a dinner we had tonight.
After finishing them, I realized how "Christmas-y" they look--we'll be definitely be serving them at Holiday dinners!
Cute & Fancy Salad Rings
Cherry Tomatoes (or grapes)
Dental Floss (unwaxed)
Large needle

Make sure needle is clean by boiling it in water for a minute or two. Dry and thread a 12" piece of dental floss on it. I like to use large upholstery needles because they are easy for my children to handle and not especially sharp. Let your child thread 6 or 7 cherry tomatoes on a string.
Wrap around several pieces of lettuce and tie in a knot (see video tutorial). Trim any excess string. Viola! Fancy salad rings.

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