Silly Turkey Treats

Happy Thanks-Giving-Away Week!
The girls and I made these up for dessert this afternoon, they're an easy sweet treat for Thanksgiving. Have fun!

Silly Turkey Treats
Doughnut holes
Thin pretzel sticks
several yellow and red Starburst candies
White chocolate chips
Fruit Roll-ups
small amount of chocolate frosting or melted chocolate chips (for eyes)

The pretzel sticks are the "glue" that holds this turkey together! Snap a pretzel stick in half, put one end in the doughnut hole and the other end in the doughnut to form the turkey's body.

Push two white chocolate chips, pointy-side down, into the doughnut hole to make the eyes. Cut a yellow starburst candy into four triangles (these will be the beaks).

Place a red starburst candy in the microwave for about 5 seconds to soften it up. Pinch off a small piece to form the wattle and press it on the side of the beak. Take a small pretzel piece, poke it in one end of the beak and the other end in the doughnut hole.

Give the kids each a pair of scissors and a fruit roll-up. Let them cut out four feather shapes and two "legs" (cut a strip with two small snips at one end for feet). Press each "feather" against a pretzel stick then push it into the mini-doughnut. Add the feet.
Using a toothpick or chopstick, place a small amount of chocolate frosting or melted chocolate chips on each eye to form the pupil. Watch them get gobbled up!

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