Birds in a Nest Breakfast

Happy Spring!
To celebrate the first day of Spring, we're having Birds in a Nest for breakfast. The traditional "Bird in a Nest" is a piece of toast with a hole cut out and an egg fried in the hole. We used the same ingredients, but made it a little more fun. This is also a great idea for using some leftover colored Easter eggs, you'd have some very colorful birds!

Birds in a Nest Breakfast
Hard Boiled Eggs Whole Cloves (for eyes, do not eat)
Baby carrots
Yellow food coloring (optional)

Peel egg and gently cut a slit up each side for the wings (be sure not to cut all the way through!). Place egg in a bowl of cold water tinted with a few drops of yellow food coloring (optional). Let sit for 2 minutes.
While egg is coloring, cut toast into very thin sticks. Arrange on a plate to look like a "nest". Remove egg and dry with a paper towel. Put two cloves on the egg for eyes. Take a baby carrot, cut the end off, then cut out a notch at the end for the "beak". Using half of a toothpick, poke one end in the carrot and the other end in the egg to attach the beak. I also slid a small piece of carrot beneath the "wings" to make them stand up. Enjoy!

Note: If you have small children, please make sure to help them remove the cloves and toothpick before eating. You can also use a raw spaghetti noodle instead of a toothpick if you are worried about your child eating it.

Bobbi over at Casa Camacho already made them (wow, she's fast!), look how cute hers turned out!

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