Leapin' Leprechauns Finalists!

We have a winner!

I knew there was NO WAY I could choose the finalists myself (besides, I knew a few of them and wanted to be fair), so Gourmet Dad, myself, and 9 other neighbors reviewed each entry in detail and voted for our top favorites. Take a look at these amazing entries! If they have a blog, I linked to it so you can get the recipes and even more fun photos of their creations.

In no particular order...

Bethany’s Treasure Hunt/Cake
Amy’s Diggin’ for Gold Carrot Muffins
Heather’s Pistachio Pudding Dive
Cookie Girl’s Key Lime Bars
Camie's Over the Rainbow Treats
Gina’s Leprechauns Everywhere!
(she really did have them everywhere, visit her blog to see all the pics)
Kathryn’s Shepherd’s Pie, Rainbow Jello, & Pots O Gold
Darlene's Irish Potatoes
(I had these and they were super-yummy!)
Carolyn's Easter Crashin' Leprechauns
(homemade fondant Easter Eggs)
Bridget’s Lots O Leprechauns
(she really did have them everywhere, too! Check out her blog for more photos)

Leigh's Rainbow Cupcakes
Kendra’s Lucky Leprechaun Cake
Kellie's Pots O' Gold
Katherine’s Candy Buffet
Jo’s Green Muffin Tin Lunch
Sarah's Pork Tacos and Spanish Rice
(I had this one in person and it was sooooooo good!)
Now, I must admit, I DID have a favorite entry:
Cinni-Mexi Banana Cake
by our youngest contestant:
Mr. William Jackson, age 4 1/2.
The combination of Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Taquitos, Cake, Sprinkles, and banana was genius. Pure genius, I tell you!
Here are the instructions in case you want to re-create this masterpiece:
Fill a with Cinnamon Toast Crunch, then place a banana firmly on the edge of the bowl. Arrange taquitos in a "wheel-spoke pattern" over taquitos and banana. Place cake in an empty space near the middle of the bowl. Savor.
It didn't make the finals, but I loved it so much that I'm sending you a special prize, William! You are going to be an amazing chef someday, keep creating in the kitchen!

Now, on to the finalists!!......

Congratulations to the finalists! I put a poll up on my sidebar, check them out and you can vote for your favorite until 3/26! The prize box arrived today, I'm so jealous!

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