Leprechaun Lunch

I've dressed-up a lot of our quickie lunches, but I think this one takes the award for the easiest fun lunch EVER! All you need is a little icing, green food coloring, a ziploc baggie and an optional gold coin to make the cutest St. Patricks Day lunch! Leprechaun Lunch
Your favorite sandwich, sides, etc. (whatever you're having for lunch)
White icing, any kind
Green food coloring
small Ziploc bag
Chocolate or toy gold coin, optional
Mix a small amount of food coloring into icing. Put in to baggie and snip a small corner off the bag. Take a small bite or cut out a little piece of the sandwich. Using the icing, make small ovals starting at the edge of the plate and up onto the sandwich for "leprechaun footprints". Tuck the gold coin into the sandwich (optional). For extra green fun, put a drop of food coloring in your child's milk.

Here are the reviews:
Little C: "Wow! How did Leprechaun's mouths get so big?"
Big C: "That's funny!! Hmmm...It looks a lot like mommy's bite...."
Little H: "Fawsing! (frosting!)"

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