Leapin' Leprechauns Cookoff

Check out these easy-as-pie Leprechaun decorations I whipped up. They're an easy way to dress up dinner or dessert for St. Patricks Day! Simply print the template, cut out, glue together with a toothpick, and you're ready to go. (Video tutorial below)How would you use them? Will you tell me?
No, seriously, I really want to know!
So much, in fact, that we're giving away a $100 worth of goodies from Cookware.com to my favorite idea!!

To Enter:
-Follow the instructions to make some Leprechauns of your own.
-Take a picture of your creation and either email it to me or blog about it and send me the link.

I'll pick my top 3 favorites and we'll let you vote for the winner! Winner will receive a gift basket from cookware.com with Le Creuset prep bowls (so cool!) and an assortment of Le Creuset utensils ($100 value).
If you're not the world's greatest chef, no worries! Two things will catch my eye: a great recipe or fun creativity. So, find a cool way to sneak those tricky leprechauns into your take-out pizza and you may win! You have until Midnight March 18th to enter and I'll announce the finalists on March 19th. Have fun and I hope to see lots of your ideas!
Leapin' Leprechauns!
Template, download here
Glue, any kind
Your favorite food

Print template and cut out each section (there will be an image and its mirror in each section). Hold paper up to a light or a window to fold in half and match up the sides. Cut out. Spread a small amount of glue on the inside of cutout, place toothpick in the middle, and fold together. Let dry and stick them anywhere you want Leprechauns to pop up! Check out the quick video tutorial, it makes more sense.:)


A Huge Thank You to cookware.com for sponsoring our fun event. They have some serious eye-candy and fun kitchen items, I'm actually jealous I can't enter myself!


Hana @ celebrations.com said...

I LOVE THIS. Soo cute and again, soo simple to just put together just like your other leprechaun lunch idea with those little footsteps!
Your creativity is such a fun inspiration for me as usual. Keep it up Gourmet Mom on-the-Go!

The Royal Family said...

you have some awesome stuff on here! Thanks for entering my giveaway.

Lisa said...

So cute!

Bridget said...

Oh my gosh...those are so funny!

Sapphire said...

Adorable! What a great giveaway.
Welcome to SITS!!

Kacey Mehan said...

I just discovered your website! How fun! Thanks for the great ideas. My kids will love them.

Deb said...

So cute, with a Irish name, of course we celebrate St. Patty's day!
These would be cute in cupcakes, green of course. With a little mint frosting.

Mamarazzi said...

oh my goodness these are adorable!! i can think of a million ways to use these. I wish the kiddo wasn't going to be away this next week i would have them all over the house to make her smile...seriously EVERYWHERE!!

I know I don't come by as often as I should.I feel bad about that. BUT I decided to take a minute and visit my fellow Welcomistas…I should have done this a long time ago *hangs head in shame*.

OH and be sure to come by and enter my FABULOUS giveaway too…so much fun stuff happening in the SITStahood, I’m L-O-V-I-N-G it!!

Kendra said...

I have a great vision for these! Just working on the time to put it together and blog about it...wait for me!

little nummies said...

Okay, saw this a while ago, but with our trip to Boston, didn't think I could participate. Since you left a comment..which I just saw (LAME) I want to do it! When does it end?? I will come up with something tomorrow if it isn't too late.

~ Kellie ~

Kendra said...

Just posted my idea:


My vision was a little more grand, but this is doable and fun!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Bethany said...

Thanks for the inspiration. We had a lot of fun with this! Here's the link:


Bridget said...

Mandy...that was so fun! Not just for younger kids...my 10-year-old loved it!

Here's myentry. :)

The Cookie Girl said...

My Leprechaun took the plunge!LOL
Check it out here:

I hope that link works

Leigh said...

I used the Leprechauns in my Rainbow cupcakes I made for DD's class. They loved them so did the teacher. I am so glad I found them. Thanks for all your great ideas. check my cupcakes out at sassynsavvyleigh.blogspot.com